Bespoke Design Services

Bespoke Jewellery is our speciality and most of our products are custom made to order, producing engagement rings, wedding and anniversary rings and other beautiful pieces of  highest quality. We believe that your Jewellery should be made to last and to become heirloom pieces of the future.  We offer a full design service from rough sketches to detailed CAD rendering when required. Using a variety of manufacturing processes from traditional Goldsmithing techniques, forging, soldering, saw piercing, filing, hand engraving  and diamond setting to create unique pieces. We also occasionally carve master models from special wax and make moulds to cast from or use the latest CAD CAM technology to make 3D models and vacuum cast in the desired precious metal. Every method of manufacturing has its pros and cons and while we like to stick to the traditional fundamentals as much as possible technology, when used in the right way and within certain parameters can lend a huge hand in the overall quality of the product.


How Long does a typical engagement ring take?

On average it takes about 6 weeks to design and make most engagement rings but sometimes it can go over that and if there is a requirement to have it sooner we can usually accommodate that but its always better to have time.  Note: Covid 19  restrictions may have an effect on turnaround time so if possible please contact us in plenty of time to  take this into account.

I want to surprise my partner but don’t know what they really want, and I don’t want to buy something off a shelf. Do you have any advice?

Yes, we have some good ideas that we suggested to clients that worked out really well, get in touch with us  0879363769  and we will help you pop the question without the risk of getting it wrong.

CAD image of Ring
CAD image of Ring