Engagement Ring Ideas for 2019


Fancy Diamond Solitaires

Mixed Precious metals… The latest Jewellery trends are showing a growing popularity for Yellow and red golds, along with combinations of gold, platinum and Palladium. It’s great to see traditional yellow gold back in fashion. Both are great on their own and also very good in combination with platinum

Fancy Diamond 3 stone in Red Gold and Platinum

Bespoke and one of a kind pieces are appealing to more people than ever before with many customers looking for quality heirloom products that stand the test of time. In most cases with Jewellery you tend to get what you pay for. 

Multi Coloured Gemstones… Beautiful gemstones such as Sapphires, Rubies, Tourmalines, Emeralds, Morganite and other precious gemstones are gaining popularity as centre stones surrounded or flanked with diamonds.

Ceylon Sapphire and Trillion diamond 3 stone

Fancy Diamonds … While there is always a place for the classic white, round diamond it can pay to consider something different. Diamonds come in all shapes and cuts, along with multiple colours.. some expensive and some very affordable and  often  less expensive per carat weight than white stones. As with other coloured gemstones the clarity becomes less of an issue when its a colour you desire.If classic white is what you are looking for we recommend investing only in rare white certified high quality diamonds tailored to suit your budget.

Certified Orange Pear shaped Diamond with Micro Pave diamond Halo and shoulders set in yellow gold and Platinum

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